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Khaoyai National Park spreads across 4 provinces in eastern Thailand. Nakhon Nayok, Prachin Buri, Nakhon Ratchasima and Saraburi. The park is very significant in the region, having beed designated as an ASEAN heritage park. It cover 2,165.55 sq.km. of forest land in the Panom Dongrak mountain range

Conservation of nature is something that begins at home. How do we understand that everything we do impacts the environment? A very simple example is the paper we use. Paper comes from trees, the more paper we use means the more trees need to be cut down and this in turn means that forest and nature reserves need to be cleared to make way for trees that are planted specifically for paper production. Not only that, when we use tons of paper it means that rubbish is accumulated and even though we recycle there is a need to build recycling plants to keep up with the recycling process! Either way, we are still compromising and destroying the environment that we live in, making less and less space for nature to exist and reducing the number of wildlife as we encroach upon their environments. Read More...

Conserving Nature

In Thailand we have many indigenous people such as the Mon and Karen Hills tribe people. These people are considered on the endangered people’s list because a large part of their culture, traditions and civilization are being assimilated into modern society. Where they once lived in harmony with the environment around them, they are now faced with the modern world and having to live and compete in it in order to survive. We are encroaching on their lands, livelihood and introducing modernization to their society. No doubt we think it will benefit them but have we ever considered that they have lived for hundred or maybe even thousands of generations off the land and that it was a better way of life than the one we are now living? Read More...

Respecting Communities

Conservation of our environment can only be a long term effort if we educate our young children by making them understand why it is important to make an effort to not destroy the world around us through our thoughtlessness and materialism. The rainforests in the world yields many cures for diseases that no modern medicine can patent; the seas are not only a food source but also a medicinal and health source. The trees are our air that we breathe and sustain life, water and a balanced environment. Our children have to be taught how important it is to not just buy and use products that are not recyclable, that if they can walk rather than be chauffeured around to reduce the impact of pollution on the environment. These are just a few of the things that we can start with for children. Read More

Wisdoms of New Generation